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 Want me?

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PostSubject: Want me?   Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:25 pm

Character name: Chickencurry
Race og class: Troll Hunter
Specc: Beastmastery 41/20/0
PvE eller PvP?: PvE
Level: 70
Former guilds: Clarity, Talented
Why left?: Clarity- GM left so the guild died, Talented- don't kow this guild Razz never raided with them.
Experience?: (MC,BWL,Onyxia, ZG, Naxx, AQ20, AQ40) TBC(Karazhan, ZA, TK, SSC, Hyjal) pre-tbc: ZG tbc: kara ofc, ZA, some bosses ssc, know many tacts for SSC and TK bosses.
Keys (kara, heroric osv): all
Do you have mic? mic and ventrilo, teamspeak

Personal information

Age: 16, from norway
How much time do you use in WoW?: to much Smile up tp 10 hours a day
Why do you want to join this guild?: i want to progress and have fun raiding with a nice guild and as in the requirements i never quit after a wipe and always bring potions and flask before raid. always rapiring too ^^

Are you able to raid tuesday, wednesday and sunday from kl 20 - 24?: yes

put a armory link of your character here: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Balnazzar&n=Chickencurry
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PostSubject: Re: Want me?   Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:22 pm

Hey m8

Sry for the late replay, but its looks very nice. Catch me online, and lets have a little talk. And btw, damn u... U got the Reflex shoulders.. me want flower
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Want me?
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