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 Enhacement shammy applying

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Registration date : 2008-04-20

PostSubject: Enhacement shammy applying   Sun Apr 20, 2008 6:54 pm

Character name:Himera
Race og class:Tauren Shaman
PvE eller PvP?:PvE
Former guilds:Fraternity
Why left?:Thoseguys wanted to go too hardcore so everybody left
Experience?: (MC,BWL,Onyxia, ZG, Naxx, AQ20, AQ40) TBC(Karazhan, ZA, TK, SSC, Hyjal)My Xp before TBC : ZG and MC , after TBC : Kara,Gruul,Za,Magtheridon,SSC,TK
Keys (kara, heroric osv):All heroic keys and kara key ofc
Do you have mic?Nope but i can sure listen Smile

Personal information: 17 year old male student from macedonia who likes to raod

How much time do you use in WoW?:5 hours minimium Smile
Why do you want to join this guild?:Coz ure a friendly nice guild who wants to progress and i wanna have fun with ya guys !Smile

Are you able to raid tuesday, wednesday and sunday from kl 20 - 24?:Woohoo , you got my raiding time rite , yep i can raid those days Smile

put a armory link of your character here:Well im in resto pvp gear atm so some officer in game could inspect me , anyway my stats are : 1360 ap , 25 % crit and 147 hit rating (which is a bit higher so im gonna increase ap and crit a bit and lower down hit rating ) Smile
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Enhacement shammy applying
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